The Google Ad is not shown in the browser.

Probably there is a AdStop plugin activated, such as AdBlockPlus (ABP) in Firefox. Please deactivate this, and try again.

I cannot see all my configured ads.
Probably, you have configured too many Ads per page, and there is a Google restriction to show a maximum of 3 ads per page. Reconfigure the site, and deploy it again.

Problems while executing

How can I just execute the plugin, not as part of a phase?
mvn net.sf.mgaip:mgaip:insert
Not all files were processed when inserting the Ads after a "mvn site".

The default plugin goal is Post-site, however there are several reports at this step, and some reports are executed after the plugin replacement. This is a know problem in Maven when trying to explicitly indicate the execution order.

We strongly recommend to execute the plugin independently after the site creation, and not just as part of the site phase. We mean, instead of execute mvn site site:deploy , you should executed something like mvn site net.sf.mgaip:mgaip:insert site:deploy .

I am putting the SourceForge logo (from as a powered by, but the plugin generates an error indicating that there in an 'amp' without semi-colon ';' at the end.

The link has an ampersand to pass several attributes to the WebService. However, this word is parsed as a xml internal code, and it says that a semi-colon is missing. The only possibility is to erase the last parameter, and just past the group_id.

The last will show only the logo in white.

There are exception indicating problems in the html files.
The html files are treated as XML files, and they have to be well-formed. If there are opening tags without their corresponding closing tag a message will be raise.
There is a problem while processing the SWF Macros that says: The element type "param" must be terminated by the matching end-tag " </param> ".
This is due to a problem with the Doxia parser for that specific Macro. The problem is already reported, but the problem will be resolve once a new version is released. For more information:


The plugin report does not keep the Maven layout.
Yes, there is a problem there, and we will try to fix it, it someone can help us, it will be grateful. Even this FAQs have problem with whitespaces.